@adidasfootball Who could possibly hate this?

To say #Therewillbehaters marked a significant change in positioning for adidas football is an understatement. Two or rather one finger was royally thrown up at the old performance-based positioning of the brand with this new campaign in support of the new adizero F50, Predator, Nitrocharge and 11Pro football boots. The 1+ minute spot which anchored the campaign on social media oozes attitude through the selection of players, music, styling; you name it.

Launched on the 19th of January (springboarding off the chatter around the FIFA Ballon d’Or), after 1 day the spot had racked up 1,5 million views on adidas football’s You Tube channel.

Probably the most interesting part of the first 24 hours of the campaign launch on social was the traction gained on the players Twitter pages. Each of the 4 players featured in the spot bedecked their profiles with the campaign look and feel and hashtag and each tweeted twice – first linking to the campaign spot and then focussing on their “shiny new boots” (with the notable exception of Bale who at the time of writing had yet to receive his boots!). Each tweet did, of course, feature the @adidasfootball handle and campaign hashtag. Here are some numbers from the (English) Twitter a/c’s of the players…

@jamesdrodriguez (6.39 million followers)

– 1,500 retweeted and 3,800 favourited “Mis nuevas botas f50. My new boots f50 ”

– 2,300 retweeted and 4,400 favourited “Dale play, se convertirá en oro. Press play right now, there will be gold

@GarethBale11 (5.98 million followers):

– 1,700 retweeted and 2,600 favourited “I’ll never change my goal celebration.

@LuisSuarez9 (4.36 million followers):

– 700 retweeted and 1,200 favourited “Going to write new headlines in these boots!

– 500 retweeted and 900 favourited “It’s all about my shiny new boots, that’s the headline!

@Benzema (1.5 million followers):

– 1,400 retweeted and 1,600 favourited “Maybe I win an Oscar for this performance ! http://youtu.be/UNiGSf2Sy30  @adidasfootball

– 900 retweeted and 1,400 favourited “The goals will keep happening, trust me, I wear .  ”

The Twitter activity was brilliantly orchestrated by @adidasfootball who were voracious in their engagement with the audience. The page featured tweets of support from an impressive range of adidas ambassadors hailing the new boot range and amplifying the launch. adidas football cleverly pinned the signature spot to the top of their page keeping it front and centre during the first day of the campaign.

In such a grand launch, its easy to neglect the details. Not in this case. For example, links embedded into the end-frame of the spot ease the user journey through to purchase and/or adidas football You Tube subscription.

There will be haters of this fairly simple campaign centred around one great piece of content. I’m not one of them.


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